Wisdom Teeth = Gone

By | February 28, 2010

So its been a slow couple of days here for me and my websites. Yesterday morning I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Its not a painful a process as most people make it out to be, I was asleep in about five seconds, and was given novacane before I went home to mask most of the pain. After that, I began taking the prescription medication that they give you, so their is not a whole lot of pain to speak of. However I will say that I am much more tired than usual, and its from the meds, so it has been hard to get anything done, although I am getting back into the swing of things.

I have been backlinking my affiliate snipers like crazy in recent weeks. Using a variety of link building tools (all 100% white hat), mainly article submissions, and I am already seeing some results. Ive got about 15 new sites setup that I would consider “money” sites, and they are all doing the first page google dance, so its only a matter of time before they hit that number one spot and start to churn some real cash.

New Sites
I have been buying domains like a mad man as of late, most of which I plan to put sites up on later, some of which though hold resale value right off the bat, and all of which get type in traffic. I only hand register domains, but I take advantage of the expired lists that come out daily to help pad my portfolio.

60 Day Challenge
Im moving along in the sixty day challenge, and once I have all of the current sites properly backlinked I am going to move towards building more amazon sniper sites. To me these are the coolest because so many products have such little competition in Google, that its easy to snipe your way to the top. The sites will only end up making 50 cents to a dollar a day on average (I would assume) but with 50 to 100 sites, it can make a pretty big difference.

Thats all for now, ill chat with you all later.

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