Why PeerFly Rocks

By | January 2, 2012

Before I get into the business of why exactly PeerFly rocks, I want to go ahead and wish everyone a happy new year. I’ve set several goals for myself going into this year, and I am looking forward to it being my most prosperous yet, I hope you are as well. With that aside, lets rewind about a week or so to why my favorite affiliate network PeerFly, sent me a Christmas “gift basket” that literally and figuratively blew my socks off. For starters let me just say that in all likelihood I am more of a pain in the ass for PeerFly than a legitimate affiliate. For one, I only have two affiliate/seo projects going on at the moment, as 90% of my time is tied up with my main project that is DailyFantasySports.org. Nonetheless they were still kind enough to send me this package to wish me a Merry Christmas and I cannot express how thankful I am in a single blog post.

Really dude? You’re getting this excited over some cookies?

YES. Listen folks, you can count on a single hand the number of legitimate and caring affiliate networks out there, and my boys at PeerFly just so happen to be on that very list. The fact that they would go above and beyond the call of duty to send one of their smallest affiliates such a gift is not only impressive but it shows that they care about their affiliates which is something that many companies fail at. I won’t name any names but I did more revenue last year with at least one other company, and I didn’t receive so much as a Merry Christmas email from them this year. Guess what. I don’t work with them any more.

Onto the gift basket (and some pics).

When the package first arrived I had no clue who it was from or what it contained. I obviously wasn’t expecting anything from my network, nor had I ordered anything for Christmas from around that time. Regardless I swiftly ripped open the box to see what was in store for me.

peer fly package unopened

The tin that it came it said PeerFly which I thought was super cool (again, above and beyond) and once I saw it I knew it was some sort of Christmas gift.

peerfly tin unopened

Once I saw the contents any hope that I had of maintaing some healthy eating over the holidays quickly went out the window. The cookies were amongst the best i’ve ever had (super soft, just the way I like em). Im a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels, and their was some kind of little mound of chocolate with crunched up pretzels inside that also tasted amazing. Oh, and the white chocolate covered oreos were solid as well, I need to find a spot to buy those at in the near future.

peerfly tin opened

Take a look at that box of goodies and tell me you didn’t wish your affiliate network was as awesome as PeerFly 🙂

At this point I would like to again thank the guys at PeerFly specifically Luke and Corey who i’ve bugged repeatedly in the past year whether it be for an offer inclusion, pay bump or tip on running offer XYZ, they’ve been awesome.

The best part about all of this is that I am again motivated to work on my SEO projects which involve PeerFly offers, which is exactly what I plan on doing here very very soon.

Want to be apart of this amazing network? I figured you did. Go ahead and click here to get yourself signed up. The registration process is relatively painless so get up and start making money with one of the best networks in the business.

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

P.S. Stay tuned to PeterFoti.com in the near future as i’ve got some plans for this site in hopes of reviving it as best I can.

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