Trying to Stay Productive

By | March 15, 2010

You know, the internet offers some of the greatest opportunities for young and old people alike. Regardless of your passion their is a way to monetize on the internet, which is great for those of us who are not interested in the nine to five lifestyle. For me personally, my passion is literally business. I don’t care much about the nature of the business, I just like to take things from nothing and turning them into something. Right now I am doing that with every single website I create or purchase, and someday I hope to do it on a much larger scale than simple niche websites, but we can talk about goals later.

The reason I am posting today has to deal with staying productive when their are so many distractions around you. For me personally these distractions include Netflix (addicted to Lost now), Xbox, and doing things that normal college kids are supposed to do.

Dealing with distractions is something that everyone must deal with but especially those who make money on the internet, and do not have to leave the house to work. I have picked up some tips along the way that help me and might help you stay productive while working at home.

1. Write down an hourly or daily goal for production. For me this usually means writing X amount of articles for websites that I own/work with/for and not taking time off until I reach it. I know most people say, well I have a mental goal of what I want to achieve on a given day, and thats fantastic, but when you write it you force accountability. Its been published time and time again, writing down your goals will make you a more productive person.

2. Perhaps you should look into having a set aside work place for your online ventures. You see when normal people go to work and sit in their cubicle their only distraction may come from the water cooler, and thus its easier to get work done. Sitting in front of your TV with your laptop on your lap however may prove to be a rather unproductive circumstance.

3. If you are really the type that cannot finish an article without opening your email or facebook page then you might want to look into a blocking program. This particular program will not allow you to visit certain pages that you wished to be blocked from for a certain period of time. I personally do not have this problem, and when I get going I dont usually stop, but the get going part can be the challenge.

The productivity battle is going to vary from person to person, but the one thing that you absolutely should be doing regardless of anything is setting goals. In fact that sounds like a great idea for my next post, stay tuned!

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