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By | April 25, 2009

As im sure my readers are aware, it has been a slow moving process updating this blog over the past few months. The reasoning for that is, I have several projects that I am working on, most of which require a fair share of time, and therefore blogging gets put on the back burner. Originally I planned on stopping blogging entirely, but I realized that I have fun writing the posts, when I have the time and so I have devised a plan that I think will work very well. will be converted into my personal website, things like a bio, pictures, media publications, etc. Lets call it my “home base” similar to what Cameron Johnson has, I will continue to blog about sports on my Sports Blog over at, and I will be starting a new blog, with an entirely different approach. In the past/present I have used my personal name as my brand, much like other bloggers do such as John Chow, Tyler Cruz, and Rick Latona. However I realized that the money I am making on the internet comes from mainly domains, and therefore if I could I wanted to create an alternate persona, and blog about how to make money with domains. Covering topics involving the process of picking up solid names, putting up mini sites, reviewing parking companies etc. More than anything else on the internet, domains are my passion, and I think I will be a better blogger, and a better business person if I am able to connect with those around me in the domain industry through a blog.

So after some deliberation I will be using a name that I picked up not to long ago, the name is, Oh wait, I cant tell you that just yet 🙂 I think it is very catchy, and does the service of describing what I do, and what I hope to teach others. Their have been many alternate persona bloggers in the past, two that come to mind are Shoemoney, and John Cow. I hope to do my best in learning more from these guys, even though I am already a frequent visitor to their blogs.

My plan is to first get the new blog setup, with some posts, and from there begin converting into the home base. My goal is to have all of this done within the next month, the only reason that it will take so long is due to the fact that I have finals coming up, and need to finish out strong, so this entire summer I have nothing to worry about besides this new blog, and Foti Networks.

Thats all for the blog, now for other news

I applied just the other day for a chance to intern for Shoemoney Media over the summer in Nebraska. Im super excited just to even be thinking about something like this. Being that I am looking for a career as an internet marketer/domainer (which ive already begun doing) it would sure be an unbelievable experience to learn from the same guy who got the famous Google Adsense check for over $100k! From my understanding, I will be finding out about this more on Monday, so I will be sure to post the status of it when I hear back from the group. I am also working on an SEO project for an arizona medical billing firm so that will keep me very busy. Medical billing is a practice in which a firm (such as Asterino and Associates) is the outsourced provider of all the billing that the physician must deal with.

Happy reading, feel free to comment on the change, or to wish me luck on the internship!

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