By | March 6, 2009

I have officially made it home for Spring Break, and I want to use my time off from school mainly to rest and recuperate while also getting as much done online as I can. I have made a to-do list for myself, and while I will not disclose the exact information (it is pretty detailed ad kind of long) but a general synopsis includes.

  1. Register 35 proxy domains, launch 5 proxies every other day until all 35 are live.
  2. Work on the About, and Advertising pages for PF.com
  3. Update FotiNetworks.com pages such as Network, About, Home, and Advertise.
  4. Begin content writing for WebAssetManagement.com (My new company)
  5. Grow Twitter following by 10 percent a week
  6. Try and find new games for OnlineFlashArcade.net
  7. Research various niche’s in blogging (I am contemplating starting another blog with a niche focus not just my business ramblings)
  8. Diversify website portfolio to include 2-3 more niche topics
  9. Purchase new logo for RandomChatter.org
  10. Find 5-10 new posters for RandomChatter.org

I am sure that I will add to this list 10 fold over the next 9 days or so, but for now thats it. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the list

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