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By | March 11, 2009

Drum roll please………

Foti Networks is now the proud owner of Free WebSite Analysis.com. With FWA users are able to look up valuable information about their particular web site. Details include but are not limited to Page Rank, Search Engine Indexes, Compete & Alexa traffic graphs, and more! Regardless of whether or not you are using the tool to do research on a website you are looking to buy, or as a means of providing possible advertisers more information about the site that their money is going to, FWA is a great tool for anyone, and best of all it is free.
I was able to acquire this website from a user at Digital Point, for an undisclosed amount. I am very pleased with the transaction and believe that someday this website will rival others like it that have been around for some time now. Anyone with questions about the site can e-mail me directly. If you have no questions, please enjoy the site!


Like I posted earlier I am on vacation from classes this week and am using this time mainly to do work on the web. I am also using this time to maximize my EntreCard potential. How am I doing this? Easy, by dropping the maximum number of cards per day, 300. Doing this for the past four days has driven my statistics through the roof. I am getting far more clicks from EntreCard to PF.com I am receiving far more drops onto my website, and I am also experiencing great page views. The down fall is simply the fact that many of those users that come to the site are simply looking to drop a card and nothing more. I understand this, and I sometimes do the same, but I wish their was some sort of incentive with EC rather than simply dropping a card and leaving. In the future I think implementing a system of forcing a comment, of 1 minute on the page, or something along those lines, and then allowing a drop, would allow for a more productive system.

Other events include Web Asset Management which is closing in on a launch date, set for April 2. I chose this date because I want to launch this site off the right way, and it is also my birthday.

I am constantly on the lookout for domains and website to purchase, if you have anything for sale, that is not a proxy site (top sites, blogs, and info sites are not included), adult, or warez website, shoot me and e-mail and we can talk.

It is 3a.m. and I am extremely tired so that is all for now, but I have a busy couple of days coming up before I head back to school so stay tuned.

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