Proxy Earnings Update

By | February 26, 2009

As previously stated I have an update for everyone regarding my proxy business. I believe it was around 8 days ago now that I made the original post about my attempt at making money with proxies, and so far so good. I started in the business with 18 proxies and have added to that number every day for the past week. I am currently operating 54 proxies and I plan on only seeing that increased into the hundreds! The earnings for the past week have gone as followed.

Thursday February 19- 106 Impressions Earned $0.01
Friday February 20- 708 Impressions Earned $0.30
Saturday February 21- 6,445 Impressions Earned $0.27
Sunday February 22- 31,956 Impressions Earned $8.23, RED LIGHT!
Monday February 23- 18,091 Impressions Earned $9.36
Tuesday February 24- 9,235 Impressions Earned $2.07
Wednesday February 25- 43,304 Impressions Earned $32.65!!

A couple things. First and foremost you will see the Red Light comment and that is due to the fact that I received over 30k Impressions, and 80 clicks and only made $8.23, and it turns out that this was caused due to my traffic being mainly from China and Iran. After doing some research I came to find that many proxy owners block this China and Iran traffic as it will chew up your resources and offers no real income, so I did and the benefits have been far reaching. I have managed to find a way of marketing these proxies to make them very beneficial, and I believe that some time in the near future I will release an ebook based upon my marketing strategies and what not.

It will be interesting to see if my earnings can continue the way they were on Wednesday February 25, which would make for nearly $1,000 a month in revenue from the proxies alone!

I will be updating my proxy earnings again in a week from now, so stay tuned, and if you have ANY questions what so ever, please contact me. AIM, MSN, or Email is fine and I am always available.

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