My Work Goals for the Year 2010

By | February 3, 2010

This post is the first in my quest of 30 posts in 30 days here at I figured that since I have been away for so long, and obviously did not publish anything when we hit the new year that I ought to kick everything off with some goals that I have for the new year. I have always been one for setting goals, and sometimes goals that are going to be incredibly tough to achieve simply because I find that for me personally it works best to short for the stars and if you fall landing in the clouds isnt all that bad ๐Ÿ™‚

So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Earn $100 per day from
I think this goal is going to be VERY hard to achieve, mainly due to the fact that I have not posted in so long, and therefore traffic is sitting stagnant at around 50 visitors per day, with 238 unique visitors last month. This is not awful, but it is no where close to what I will need to meet this first goal. This thirty post in thirty day challenge is my first real attempt at trying to earn some good money with this blog. Although the blog posts themselves will not “make me money” they will help me get more pages indexed in Google, and eventually get more traffic, which equals dollar signs ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Setup 2 Mini-Sites per month
I think this will be the easiest of all the goals for me to achieve, however making them successful is an entirely different story. Finding profitable keywords, buying content for those keywords, and setting up a website is not difficult. Getting the sites ranked for those same profitable keywords it the tedious part that can become difficult. Although I do believe that having 24 new mini sites in my arsenal will allow me opportunities beyond these simple websites, by way of re-investing all profits back into my business.

3. Have 10,000 followers on Twitter
Some of you are probably reading this and thinking, well thats simple, go out mass follow people and you can hit that goal in no time, and you are right, mass following people will get you followers but in the long run it does nothing for you. On my old Twitter account this was the strategy I employed, I would follow people until I was no longer allowed to do so, and most people automatically follow you back so it works. But for some reason whenever I tweeted out a link, or asked for feedback, something funny happened I NEVER GOT IT, the reason (I think) is because the people that were following me back were doing the same thing as me, so they didnt really care, and to tell the truth I didnt either. These days I use an entirely different Twitter strategy which I will post about in the future. It works, but it takes time so it is what it is.

4. Make the goto sports vlog on the net
I have recently taken on a partner with this project which I think will allow me the opportunity to further expand Foti Sports beyond what I would have been able to do myself. For this goal their is no number to hit in terms of revenue or traffic, but ill know when everyone says oh check the newest video on Foti Sports, the guy knows his stuff! Like I said before I set goals that flirt with the term unattainable and this is one of them (within a year at least) but it doesent bother me, I will still continue to strive for it.

5. Make $100 Per day from Mini Sites
This goal is going to take a ton of hard-work and proper optimization, but I think that I will be able to pull in at least $10 per site per day, within the 3rd month of owning each site. Depending on how much SEO work I am able to get done per site, it can be done.

6. Own 10 Facebook Applications
Facebook applications are my new favorite type of web property simply because they are so powerful if made and marketed properly, the earning potential with these is through the roof. I will be making a post about my most recent FB app purchase in the future. Not much to explain here, I just need to buy them, making them profitable much like making the niche sites profitable is a different topic in and of itself.

7. Make $100 per day from Affiliate Marketing
By far the most super duper hardest one on the list, being that I have never made any money from affiliate marketing before. Not because I tried and was unsuccessful, but because I have never tried before. This is the one thing that I will probably be posting most about on this blog as a way to track my success and failures as well as inform people as to what works and what does not.

I dont think I have anything else out there that is a real pressing issue in terms of a goal that I would like to achieve, but I would definitely look out for a mid year goal list, with some possible corrections, updates, and new goals.

The key to meeting any goal is persistence. Obviously the first mini goal of the year is this 30 posts in 30 days on, lets hope I can meet that first and foremost ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a successful 2010 (Very belated I know, I apologize)

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