Learning to Code

By | October 30, 2010

So I have finally broken down and decided that if your going to make your mark, you’ll need a good idea but in addition you have to be able to build it yourself. We all saw on the big screen what can happen when you have an idea but lack the capability of being able to build it on your own. Although I am not very familiar with the success stories of other internet startups, I would venture to guess that guys like Paypal, ebay, craigslist etc. did not outsource much of their original work. Surely once the rubber meets the road so to speak you can hire employees to take care of some of the more mundane tasks, but at the start you need to be capable of building something.

With that in mind, I decided that since I am already fairly familiar with HTML, I would sink my teeth into PHP as my first coding venture. I went ahead and signed up for a video tutorial website, which offers a two part PHP training series. The first part, which I finished the other day was 10 hours long, and the second part which I have just started is 11 hours long. Each part is broken up into mini videos which explain certain things such as strings, variables, functions, loops etc. and then builds upon previous videos. After watching the first part of the series, I was able to construct theslangtranslator.com which enables users to input slang terms and their real world meanings. You can then run a query to translate traditional words into slang. Its far from complete considering their is world of functionality that I have not even begun to explore but its a prototype. I hope to continue to build on it in the future, and figured it would be a good place to start, before I dive into my first big project (the idea of which I am still withholding.)

Once I have “mastered” PHP I plan to move onto javascript, because in my opinion combining CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript can make for a pretty solid website. So that being said, when I am not snoring I will most likely be coding for the rest of the hours in the day.

I also plan to get a redesign for PeterFoti.com, and post a bit more in the near future. I originally stopped posting because in my opinion their was not enough money to be made by me in blogging, however I realize that I was doing it all wrong. I was writing posts for SEO, and catering to advertisements rather than providing truly useful information, and a fun environment. In the future I hope to change this, and believe that with solid content and some hard work I will be able to run a very successful blog.

Thats all for now, will update soon.

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