Kindle for the iPhone

By | March 4, 2009

Just when you thought that the iPhone could not get any cooler, Amazon sets it up to become the greatest gadget of all time! It was around 4 am this morning when I came across something on Twitter about Kindle for the iPhone. I quickly jumped out of bed (where else would I be at 4am?) fired up my iTunes and downloaded the new app. At first I was expecting to have to pay something for it, as it would only make sense seeing as how they are currently charging $359 for the newest Kindle 2, they wouldn’t simply let iPhone users have it for free would they? Oh YES, they would 🙂
After downloading the app onto my iPhone I quickly logged onto to look for books to buy. So far I have only bought’s book on blogging, but I plan on buying Joe Torre and the Yankee Years at some point this week.
After I purchased the book on for $9.99 it was delivered to my iPhone automatically, no need to hook up to the computer, NO HASSLE! I began reading right away, it reads much like an actual book, you simply swipe your finger to turn the page and the quality/clarity is solid.

I would encourage everyone to download this app and check it out for yourself.

If you are interested in discussing this topic with others you can do so at Kindle on the iPhone

Note-I plan on making another proxy earnings post at some point this week so stay tuned!

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