I went domain name shopping

By | February 21, 2009

Back in my hay day of online marketing and business, I was an avid domain trader. In essence I would buy domains at what I considered to be a low value and then try to resell them later at a high value, some people refer to this type of practice as flipping. When I went offline back in August I left behind a large portfolio of domains that I had acquired, some of which have no expired, others I have renewed, and some are still early into their registration stage. However now that I am back, I decided it was time to do some shopping, except this time I was not shopping for names to sell, I was buying names to hold and to develop into proxies. After some time on the registrar’s site I came up with the following domains as additions to my portfolio:

  • Z-1.info
  • TlBl.info
  • TgCg.info
  • Czg.mobi
  • Bzr.mobi
  • Czp.mobi
  • FinestProxies.info
  • StealthMyIp.info
  • DontCatchMe.info
  • ProxiesToday.info
  • ProxyADay.info

As a whole I am happy with what I paid for, you will notice the LLL.mobi domains and I purchased those based on the fact that at one point in time the market was sold out, however now they are expiring. I expect that the market will sell out once again and that is the reason for the purchase. The LLLL.info domains are also highly speculative domains, however being that I have them developed I am not entirely concerned with the resale value. All of these names are currently developed into proxies, or are being developed into something to do with a proxy.

What have you registered lately? Post your recent purchases in my comment section.

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