I have sold my Proxy Network!

By | March 28, 2009

Well for those of you that visit this blog at least semi-often you are aware of the fact that I was working on a proxy network, and I was actually doing a fairly good job until I had a change of heart about the entire concept. You see, originally my goal was to simply have as many proxies as possible, and only spend a small amount of money on advertising on only a few of the proxies. While this way of running a proxy network did bring me around $130 a month, I was simply not happy with the way things were going. I essentially convinced myself that I can make a lot more money having only one or two proxies and putting a lot of time and money into each of them, and then eventually build one more at a time. So with that theory in mind I headed out to find a buyer for this one hundred+ proxy network that I have been building for the past three months or so. I was able to get into contact with a buyer from Digital Point that was interested in purchasing proxies, after several hours of negotiation and deliberation, an agreement was agreed and the sites were sold. The buyer is already the owner of a successful network at FastProxyNetwork.com so I hope everyone checks him out!

As for my proxy progress I have set up the domain and the template and am currently working on acquiring an SSL certificate to give my proxy users the unique experience of 100% SSL secured surfing! Once everything is set up, I have a pretty detailed marketing plan written up that I will be putting to good use with a bunch of money, and I will see which method of building proxies is the most successful. Quanity or Quality?

I will be sure to update everyone on the progress of this new proxy and whatever else is on my mind tomorrow 🙂

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