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By | March 25, 2009

In my opinion a good indicator of how successful a blog truly is comes from the number of comments that each post gets. Being that is still relatively new I am not at the stage of someone like Shoe Money or John Chow who both receive hundreds of comments per blog post that they make however I am trying. I look to make every post of mine as interactive as possible in order to give people the open door to leave positive feedback. However with the advent of Comment Luv it may be just a little bit easier for me to receive comments after all. What Comment Luv does is place the title and a  link to your most recent blog post. In doing so you are giving commenters an added advantage to commenting rather than simply commenting to comment.

I have seen this plugin used many times before however I was never truly aware of its name, and never bothered to look into it. However after reading John Chow’s blog and seeing that he to is now using this plug in, it only makes sense for me to do the same.

Now….for those of you already using this WP plugin, if you leave a comment here at I will follow the link back to your blog and comment as well 🙂 Yet another incentive to comment.

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