Did Mark Zuckerberg Incriminate Himself?

By | October 26, 2010

This blog post is more of a question being posed to readers, than it is an opinion from me. As someone who had read bits and pieces of the facebook story in the past, I realized that when it eventually came to theaters I would go see it. I have currently seen it four times in theaters, and plan to buy it immediately upon DVD release. Although that information is fairly irrelevant, being able to watch the movie so much has made me wonder if Zuckerberg incriminated himself in regards to the Winklevoss twins and Divya Nehendra(sp?).

In the movie, Mark is approached by the three guys (Winklevi, and Div) to work as a coder on a project that they have been scheming about for some time now. It portrays Mark as become extremely interested very quickly, and saying “I’m in.” Then over the next 42 days Mark would work on their idea, but not for their website, for his. In the midst of those 42 days Mark sent and received countless e-mails, text messages, and phone calls from the other party in regards to their project. The entire time, Mark led them to believe that he was working on their project, whereas in reality he was working on his own. As it turns out he finishes “Facebook”, gets sued and is forced to pay them $65 million, which at a $25 billion evaluation is not a whole lot.

So my question is very simply, did Mark Zuckerberg incriminate himself? By sending messages back and forth with the Winklevi and Div, did he in fact build their entire case for them? Could he have met with them, said Im in, left, and never spoke to them again, and then still have been sued? I think they may have tried, but I feel as if the results would be much less favorable for them. I am certainly no lawyer, but it seems as if all of the data collected, is what truly sunk the Zuckerberg ship in regards to the Winklevoss twins. Again, its not much for them in the scheme of things, (Im going to talk about their ‘$25 Billion’ evaluation later), but its something ive wondered about. What are your thoughts?

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