Crush It Book Review

By | February 21, 2010

So I was recently reading the newest book by Gary Vaynerchuk, “Crush It” and the recurring theme of the book is to cash in on your passion. Now I have been a long time proponent of Gary V. and have watched all of his videos, keynotes, etc that I can find, because I really love the passion that he brings to the table when he is talking to people and “hustling” as he calls it. The book essentially is Gary talking about Gary and how he leveraged social media to grow his wine business (Wine Library) into a multi million dollar company. Its all well and good, but im afraid that some people are going to have a hard time putting his plan into action.
You see, for me and my online endeavors is pretty much the only site I would ever send someone to if they wanted to get a taste of what it is that I do. I wouldnt send them to the stop snoring devices site where I promote an affiliate product, or the weight loss super site where I push all sort of weight loss products, simply because those are there for one reason, and that is to try and sell a product, not to deliver all sorts of useful information. Though I will say that I write/outsource everything, and the content is always 100% unique and does deliver information, but its certainly not a dictionary of sorts. The reason I make these sites, is because they are what make me money. Although I have, where I pretty much put Gary’s model into play, it makes me no money, and in all honesty I would never expect it to.
Gary doesent make money from his video blog (which is what he tells people to create) he makes money from selling wine, and keynote speaking. Granted the video blog may have been his advertising method, and if you have a product to sell its one that even I would recommend, but its not a stand alone money making operation. Most people are information addicts, they want to search Google click the first link and if they dont find what they are looking for they either go back and search again, of click the adsense box on that page, no one really cares about your videos; why do you think their is only one successful Gary Vee?
One other thing that is not related to the book that I hope people realize, is that their is no such thing as a social media guru or expert. There are people who use Twitter and Facebook and people that dont, but their is no secret sauce to either. You simply connect with people, and down the road they will be more aware of your product or business. I cant tell you how many thousands of Gary V wannabes their are on the net these days. Do yourself a favor and dont be a clown, stake your own claim, try things for yourself, and dont take other peoples word for it. Listen to everyone, but follow no one thats my motto.
Back to the book for a second, all in all its a good read, and I enjoyed it, but at the same time I took it all with a grain of salt. Creating blogs or vlogs is fun, and in some cases can make you money (like when you target keywords and write about them) but when you create one about your favorite sports team, dont expect to get paid much. Its fun, and gives you something to do, but its not a viable way or quitting your day job unless you have a product to go along with it.

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