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Dropping 300 Cards a Day With Entrecard

Tweet I made a post about Entrecard some time ago about the fact that it can be very beneficial for your blog in gaining you traffic, readers, and comments. However for the system to work for you, you must work for the system, and this is achieved by dropping as many cards as possible (up… Read More »

Purchased new website + Some Ramblings

Tweet Drum roll please……… Foti Networks is now the proud owner of Free WebSite With FWA users are able to look up valuable information about their particular web site. Details include but are not limited to Page Rank, Search Engine Indexes, Compete & Alexa traffic graphs, and more! Regardless of whether or not you… Read More »

New Blog Theme

Tweet What does everyone think? Are you able to comment on posts with the new theme? Stay tuned to as I have a new contest in the works!


Tweet I have officially made it home for Spring Break, and I want to use my time off from school mainly to rest and recuperate while also getting as much done online as I can. I have made a to-do list for myself, and while I will not disclose the exact information (it is pretty… Read More »

Flying Cross Country

Tweet Its about that time again, that time for me to hop onto a U.S. Airways plane and fly 6 hours from Arizona back to New York. For me personally flying has always been something that my family and me did, my mother being a flight attendant, we have the ability to literally pick up… Read More »