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What would you like to see on

Tweet You know guys whats funny in the make money online industry is the fact that so many people think that they know so much, when in reality they know very little. They claim to make all this money, and dont, they claim to have an ebook that will tell you what to do, and… Read More »

Peter Foti is Back!

Tweet Well hello there everyone, its been a while! For those of you who may be new to my name is Peter J. Foti and I am not a sophomore at the University at Albany in Upstate, NY. I have been maintaining this blog off and on for some time now, but am truly… Read More »

Whats up with Peter Foti?

Tweet Hello all, as always its been a while since I was able to post on but I just have not found the time as of late, and I am also trying to move towards another niche and close up However I may stick it out on here for a little while while… Read More »

Belated Birthday Update

Tweet This past week has been relatively unproductive for me as this past Thursday April 2  was my birthday and betwen my mom coming out from NY and simply not wanting to do much I have spent little time on the computer. As far as the 19th birthday was concerned I feel like it is… Read More »