Bringing It Back

By | September 16, 2010

So its been quite a while since ive written anything here at and with good reason. My websites that are generating revenue are the real focus of mine, and is more of a side project. However now that I am a “Full Time Internet Marketer” I figure I can go ahead and start posting here again. The direction of my upcoming posts will be rather sporadic, as im not really sure what my goal is with this blog. Part of me wants to give people tips and tricks on how to earn money online, but in reality many people do not work hard enough to truly make money online, and might subconsciously blame me. Instead, I feel like the best use of this blog is to help other people get their sites off the ground, giving updates about my websites, and maybe a few mmo posts here and there.

All that being said, I have a few sites that I am currently working on, and a few “new” tools that I am using to work on them with. I have learned a lot about SEO in the past 6 months, and I did it by reading information from those who are well respected in the industry, and as always, trial and error. To this day their is no clear cut blue print on how to rank in Google but many people have found a pretty solid way of doing it, so my advice is to seek out those people and learn from them. Though the message is essentially, build a quality site with good content, build backlinks, profit. It really is pretty simple, the issue that many people run into is that they are either not patient enough, or not consistent enough, dont fall victim to one of those pitfalls.

In closing for today, my Buffalo Bills are not looking so hot after week one of the regular season, although I have one good team in the NY Yankees, but who knows how that will end up. Right about now however Ive been up for about 27 hours so its time for some sleep.

Talk with you all later.

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