Belated Birthday Update

By | April 5, 2009

This past week has been relatively unproductive for me as this past Thursday April 2  was my birthday and betwen my mom coming out from NY and simply not wanting to do much I have spent little time on the computer. As far as the 19th birthday was concerned I feel like it is a leap year birthday. When your 18 you can buy tobacco products (which i do not) and when your 20 your no longer a “teen” but 19 just does not feel like much. Although it does signify one more year of existence so I suppose that is always a good thing. But with the birthday out of the way I feel re-energized to conquer the web and I have a whole list of things I want to accomplish both before I turn 20 and before I turn 21.

Getting Excited

This story is kind of sad, and not in a literal sense but I was pretty upset after it had happened. Earlier today I was typing in names on Godaddy hoping to buy the next After a little while of searching I typed in which would have been an absolute steal as a hand reg, and I very quickly purchased it for the $14.99 on Godaddy. I waited for the influx of e-mails from Godaddy concerning the registration and to my extreme dismay their was a mix up in the system. It turns out that this name was already registered for some time now, and for some unknown reason the system did not tell me that and therefore I will be receiving a refund from Godaddy for the effort. This upsets me greatly as their is nothing that I love more than scoring great hand regs that I know I can either sell for a quick buck or develop into a profitable website.

New Sites

As always I have been buying websites my most recent purchase being NCAA for a small sum. Although I do not feel like that particular website has the potential to be the next ESPN I love the name and look forward to tweaking it before next years tournament. Other than that I have been working on several projects of my own, such as yet another blog and possibly another forum. However those will both be posted about when the time comes. I am once again active in the proxy world, I have launched and both of which are solid domains are already earning nice daily returns. If you have a small start up website for sale and are interested in selling it, please feel free to e-mail me with your proposal and I will be more than happy to talk with you.

Thats just about all for now, a bit of rambling is always good 🙂 See you in a bit.

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