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Software engineer by day, budding entrepreneur by night.

Small Update

Tweet Over the years my blog has taken on my faces, and while I would love to come on here everyday to write something of value, comedy, and good fun the time just is not available to me. Over the past few weeks I have begun doing work with PPC marketing, launched 2 new websites,… Read More »

Learning to Code

Tweet So I have finally broken down and decided that if your going to make your mark, you’ll need a good idea but in addition you have to be able to build it yourself. We all saw on the big screen what can happen when you have an idea but lack the capability of being… Read More »

It All Starts with an Idea

Tweet For the better part of the last two years or so I have relied upon other people to make money for me. For example, I had to ensure that Google preserved my rankings or I would lose money, I had to ensure the affiliates did not pull their offers or I would lose money,… Read More »

Bringing It Back

Tweet So its been quite a while since ive written anything here at and with good reason. My websites that are generating revenue are the real focus of mine, and is more of a side project. However now that I am a “Full Time Internet Marketer” I figure I can go ahead and… Read More »