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Software engineer by day, budding entrepreneur by night.

Getting Started with Alfred

Tweet If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re interested in becoming a bit more productive on your Mac. Luckily for you, Alfred is one of the easiest programs you can add to your computing arsenal, and in my opinion it can make one of the biggest differences with regards to productivity. Before we get… Read More »

Why PeerFly Rocks

Tweet Before I get into the business of why exactly PeerFly rocks, I want to go ahead and wish everyone a happy new year. I’ve set several goals for myself going into this year, and I am looking forward to it being my most prosperous yet, I hope you are as well. With that aside,… Read More »

iOS Development Progress

Tweet Back in November I decided that I was going to learn how to program for iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad). After becoming successful with PHP I figured that was sort of the “next step” in the development food chain. Most people (myself included) believe that mobile is the way of the future,… Read More »